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About Us

Nestled in the majestic White Mountains of Jackson, New Hampshire, The Wentworth is a charming, 61-room inn within close proximity to cross country skiing, a stunning golf course and an abundance of year-round, outdoor activities. Surrounded by the beauty of nature, this picturesque inn in Jackson, NH, enjoys a unique position among New Hampshire hotels. Our idyllic setting provides a temporary escape from life’s everyday stresses and allows guests the freedom to reconnect, rediscover, and recharge.

History of The Wentworth in Jackson, NH

Jackson, NH was at first known as New Madbury, after being settled by residents from Madbury, and was renamed in 1829 in honor of Andrew Jackson. The first influx of tourists came by coach, and later by train, staying in the outskirts of town with local families to take in the beautiful scenery. Many of New Hampshire’s art galleries feature paintings that the artists of the era created during their visit to this enchanting town.

Fifty years after Jackson took its new name, the red covered “Honeymoon Bridge” was built and the little village’s romantic reputation was born. Today’s tourists come for the very same breathtaking scenery and now stay in the heart of Jackson Village in private bed and breakfasts. To this day, newlyweds make it a point to include a formal photo at the famous “Honeymoon Bridge.”

Honeymoon Bridge

Nearing the end of the 1800’s one notable bed and breakfast, the Wentworth, became the heart of the town owning its own laundry, electrical plant, pasteurization plant, blacksmith, casino and a formal ballroom. While many of these services have been replaced with newer bed and breakfasts or restaurants, Jackson still boasts the best of all worlds. Today’s Jackson includes gold courses, elegant dining, family recreation, historic buildings, evening entertainment, and unique shops.

                        Wentworth Hall 1890

Things are not so different today. Our storied past permeates the ambiance of The Wentworth: a comfortable hotel, managed with contemporary efficiency and amenities, but echoing a gentler tradition of European and turn-of-the-century New England innkeeping.

Come see us soon, and don’t forget to browse through our historical books, documents, an scrapbooks, maintained in the room adjoining the lounge. You’ll find memorabilia of the hotel and its varied clientele, letters, artwork, and a thousand memories preserved for your moments of leisurely browsing.

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