25th Annual Ice Carving Competition

25th Annual Ice Carving Competition – 2020

The start of the New Year means it’s time once again for a real linchpin of the Wentworth Inn calendar—and one of Jackson, New Hampshire’s standout seasonal celebrations.
We can only be talking about the 25th Annual Great Ice Carvers Invitational Ice Carving Competition, which we proudly host right here on our wonderfully wintry lawn. The icy artistry got underway at 10 AM on January 6th, 2020—mark your calendars for 2021 when the ice carving competition will be held on Monday, January 4th. 

The Great Ice Carvers Invitational Ice Carving Competition: Three Hours, Three Hundred Pounds
Here are the Great Ice Carvers Invitational Ice Carving Competition basics: Participating sculptors have three hours to make their masterpieces from the raw potential of a 300-pound hulk of ice, and they can use any tools they please to make it happen—from hammer and chisel to chainsaw. The ice dust flies as sculptures of every description—human beings, animals, abstract figures—take shape through the creative vision and adept craftsmanship of the competitors, who hail from all over and who often return again and again for this Wentworth Inn tradition.

Once the three hours are up, the artists enjoy a very well-earned buffet Wentworth lunch after the awards ceremony. The prizes are pretty fantastic, if we do say so ourselves:
$500 for First Prize went to Dennis Hickey of Ice Breakers for his creation “Metamorphosis” He also claimed $100.00 in the peoples choice award.
$250 for Second Prize went to Dave Soha also of Ice Breakers for his creation “Nome”
An overnight stay at the Wentworth for two (plus other perks) for Third Prize went to Murray Long who’s sculpture Eleanor Koeppel of The Wentworth renamed “The Ode to The Wentworth”  Naturally, though, the deepest reward for these talented sculptors is the thrill of competition and the opportunity to show off their unique facility with the frozen medium to Wentworth guests and day trippers alike.

Even if you can’t make it for the Great Ice Carvers Invitational Ice Carving Competition itself, you can still enjoy the creations rendered that day after the fact: We’ll be displaying the glazed glories out front for as long as they can withstand Mother Nature’s fickle temperatures.

This years event was featured in the New Hampshire Union Leader written by John Koziol – Click here to read the full article.