Carol Moyer
Married May 13, 2017

I don’t know where to begin with all the thank you’s I want to make to you and your staff – there are so many! However, I will start with you.

Kim – When we first began planning, I was thinking I should really have a wedding planner but it was an expense we were hoping to avoid. Turns out I had no need to worry as you were the best wedding planner I could have hoped to have!  You were also so knowledgeable with information on the area, referrals to vendors and just general suggestions that were of enormous help to myself and the bride and groom. You were also so helpful and professional and answered every question and email promptly and guided us through the mountain of details that is involved in planning a wedding and in doing so you made this whole celebration the most beautiful day I could ever have imagined. All the planning was worth the effort as everything turned out beautifully.

When we arrived on Thursday, I very much appreciated that you were so well prepared for our arrival. Our meeting went quickly and everything was under control. However, what surprised me most is I had NOTHING to do for the rest of the weekend but enjoy myself. You took care of everything and I didn’t have to worry about a thing! Thank you for that!

My guests raved about the welcome party Friday night – especially the food and the celebratory atmosphere. Honestly, I had low expectations for a hamburger and hot dog BBQ but this was no ordinary BBQ! The food was beautifully prepared and delicious – some of the best burgers and hot dogs I’ve ever had and the potato salad was definitely a big hit – again, no ordinary potato salad! My compliments to the chef!

Saturday – the BIG day
Again, everything went smoothly thanks to Paris. He saw to every detail and made sure all went smoothly – right down to changing the spicy hummus to plain hummus on the lunch delivery for the bridesmaids. Last minute changes and running back and forth to the brides room was no problem for him. The ceremony set up was beautiful and Paris made sure the bride and her parents knew what to do and where to be. The reception was beautiful and went well. The food was all delicious and perfectly prepared – medium rare steak for a crowd? – no problem! We had a few glitches on service – some of the special salads were given to the wrong people and the servers didn’t not seem to know who was supposed to get what when it came to any special meals (i.e. two steaks instead of lobster etc). I as well as the bride and groom did not receive wine service until we were almost finished with dinner although others said they did have wine poured. There also seemed to be a long lag time between the salad and the entree. I’m not sure what happened but something for future reference. I have to say that all employees of The Wentworth bent over backwards to offer their services – you ask and they deliver. Some employees were especially helpful so I will recognize them. Carol – one of the servers – was extraordinary and did everything we asked of her in a calm professional way – and she is the nicest person you could ever hope to have at an event. Then there was Liz who worked the front desk. On Sunday we were exhausted and relaxing in the afternoon when I remembered that Paris said we had left over CAKE! We called the front desk mid afternoon and Liz brought over the cake herself along with plates and forks. Like I said, your employees bend over backwards to honor our every request.

I could go on and on and there is so much more to say but most of all I want to thank you and your staff for an extraordinary wedding weekend! It was beyond expectations and we very much appreciate everything everyone did to make this celebration one to remember. Thank you!!

P.S – the rooms were spectacular, beautiful and extremely comfortable. And the hot tub wasn’t bad either – great way to relax the night before the wedding!

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