Wentworth Inn, Jackson, New Hampshire, Wedding, Venue, Space
Wentworth Inn, Jackson, New Hampshire, Wedding, Venue, Space

The Wentworth Wedding Experience

Thank you for considering or selecting the Wentworth for one of the most important days in your life. We have learned that to serve a successful wedding a lot of planning is required and that most of this planning can be done well in advance. The objective of this document is to provide you with a layout of the information you may require to plan your wedding successfully.

Our staff and the management of the Wentworth are dedicated professionals that have the motivation and know how to make this very special day in your life a memorable and wonderful experience. We would be delighted to furnish references as well as letters from happy wedding couples and wedding guests. All of us at the Wentworth hope to celebrate this special day with us.

Eleanor Koeppel
Owner and General Manager

More Information

You must be so excited as you begin making plans for this very special event.  The Wentworth is an ideal setting for a traditional romantic wedding.  Old world character, uniquely appointed rooms and built in romance abound.

Wedding Reservations

Once you have studied the wedding package and had the opportunity to visit us you may decide to book your wedding at the Wentworth. Please contact our sales department for availability.  If you are interested in a specific date our sales department will send you a contract with the requirements for the date of interest.  If you agree to all of the terms of the contract and have made firm arrangements for the ceremony location of your choice, return the signed contract and appropriate deposit.


All deposits will have to be paid by personal check or bankers check. We require the following:

  • For weddings from 15 to 75 guests, $750.00
  • For weddings from 76 to 125 guests, $1,500.00
  • For weddings from 126 to 200 guests, $2,500.00

Once we receive your deposit along with a signed contract, you will get a written confirmation of your deposit. The hotel will hold the function room space and a previously agreed upon number of hotel rooms for the date of your wedding. All deposits received are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Wedding Planning

We hope that soon after receiving your deposit we will be able to schedule a meeting to plan the details of your wedding. At that time we will decide upon the menu, hors d’oeuvres prior to dinner, how many courses your dinner will be, if we will offer wine with your dinner and if the bar will be hosted or cash bar.

Decisions such as the dance floor location and table set-ups will be made. Upon conclusion of the meeting you will receive confirmation of the details reviewed, including a pre printed menu, an agenda, a diagram of the ground floor of the hotel indicating the locations of wedding cake, hors d’oeuvre station, bars and dance floor, a diagram of the dining room or tent providing you with the number of tables and the number of seats per table and finally a full pro-forma invoice providing you with the estimated cost of your wedding.

Once you have the opportunity to review all this information, you of course can change anything up to 30 days prior to the wedding.

Food and Beverage Selections

We have created comprehensive packages for you to enjoy.  Once you decide on The Fairy Tail Wedding, The Ultimate Wentworth Dream Wedding, Enchanted Wentworth Wedding or The Classic Wentworth Wedding your options are laid out for you.  If you would like to make modifications to these packages please discuss this possibility with our Sales Department. Our packages require a minimum of fifty people.  If your numbers come in lower than fifty people, we will individually customize your package as an a la carte.

We require that you email us your appropriate table assignments at least one week prior to the wedding with the following four columns: Last Name, First Names, and Table Number, and whether it is an adult, child or vegetarian meal (sorted alphabetically). With this alphabetical list, when your guests come to the dining room door, they will be asked for their name and one of the wait staff will escort them to their assigned table.

NH Rooms and Meals tax (9%) and a 15% Service Charge are included in all of our wedding packages.  If you wish to add a different amount of gratuity to your wedding package, please let us know (15% is the minimum amount accepted).  There is also a 3% Event Management Fee already included in your wedding package (which by federal law has to be taxed 9%).


In the Miscellaneous Service List, you will find a number of entertainers and bands we have used in the past.  We also have an in house pianist retained with a contract, we highly recommend him to perform during the Cocktail Reception.  The fee for this is $200.00 for 2 hours.

For weddings being held inside the hotel, entertainment has to stop by 10:30 p.m. we give last call at 12:30 AM and everyone has to leave the public areas of the hotel by 1:00 AM. All New Hampshire State Liquor Laws are enforced.  For guest lists over 125 your dancing would take place in our lobby and for fewer than 125 the dancing would be in our Porch.

For our elegant Tent Weddings the entertainment has to end by 10:30 p.m., last call will be given at 11:00 p.m. and guests have to vacate this area by 11:30 p.m. Local ordinance dictates that the noise level from your band or DJ cannot exceed 90 decibels. Guests can then proceed to the lounge where our house pianist will entertain your guests until last call at 12:30AM and everyone has to leave the public areas of the hotel by 1:00AM.


Once all the details of your wedding have been planned, you will receive a pro-forma invoice, indicating what we estimate the cost of your wedding to be. Sixty days prior to your wedding we require a 90% pre-payment by personal check (less your deposit already paid) of the anticipated cost. If the estimated cost is more than the actual wedding and we owe you a balance, the Wentworth will refund your overpayment within 48 hours after your function.

The person who signs the wedding contract is ultimately responsible financially for the event along with all contracted terms.  We would be happy to divide the pro-forma into different events (e.g. Welcome reception, bridal luncheon, wedding reception and brunch).  However, if any one event is going to be financed by different people / parties, it will be the responsibility of the wedding financier to collect money accordingly and be sure The Wentworth received it by agreed upon time.

Two estimated pro-formas will be issued by The Wentworth.  The first will be after the initial wedding meeting.  The second will be presented two weeks before the 90% pre-payment is due.  If more pro-formas are requested a service charge may apply.

Any balance due after the event is expected to be settled by you prior to your departure at the front desk of the Wentworth by personal check. If you would prefer to pay by credit card, a 3.5% surcharge for American Express Cards and a 2% surcharge for Visa, Master Card and all other credit cards will be applied to the total amount of the pro-forma.

Dining Room Set Up and Capacity

Indoor wedding receptions will be held during the winter and spring months.  We have three dining rooms that we use for private functions. The back dining room has a maximum capacity of 88 the middle dining room of 40 and the front dining room of 62 bringing the total capacity to 190 guests. The front and middle dining rooms are connected by two wide openings and the back and middle dining room by one wide opening. Your guest count will determine the dining room(s) you will be using. Having these three rooms creates a wonderful and elegant country atmosphere.

The Wentworth Tent

The Wentworth Tent has the capacity for 230 guests with ample space for the dance floor, bar set-up, coffee and tea station and music bandstand. Weddings are held in the tent from May to October.

Inclusive in the $2750.00 tent rental fee are Chiavari chairs, dining tables, white tablecloths, white linens, complete table settings, function tables that are clothed and skirted in wedding white for your bar, coffee and tea station and entertainment needs. We do offer generators ($200.00) and heaters ($300.00) to rent if you should want one.

Room Blocks

Once your deposit is received, the Wentworth will block a number of guestrooms for you. The number of rooms blocked will be agreed upon at the earlier stage of your wedding planning. We generally require the 21 rooms in the main inn to be guaranteed occupied. We require a release of your room block (outside of the guarantee) 60 days prior to the wedding.

In order for your guests to make their reservation in time, you should send out your invitations about three months prior to the wedding. The Wentworth will provide you with a packaged wedding room rate and will include breakfast for two each morning, and gratuities for both housekeeping and breakfast. The Wentworth has a 2-night minimum on almost all weekends for all rooms.

We encourage you to have as many of your guests as possible stay at the hotel, to eliminate transportation and driving problems. When your guests make a room reservation, they should indicate that they are participating in your wedding to obtain the wedding rate.

They will be asked for a deposit, which they can charge to a credit card or pay by check. The deposit would be equal to the first nights stay including the 9% NH rooms and meals tax. They will receive a written or emailed confirmation.  At your request, we can mail, email or fax you a list of your guests that already have made reservations.

Rehearsal Dinner / Welcome Reception

At The Wentworth, we specialize in elegant destination wedding weekends.  A wedding brings family and friends together, some for the first time.  Couples who select The Wentworth for these events reap the benefits of a most relaxed and pleasurable weekend.  Guests have the opportunity to mingle with all of the other guests and relax in our serene settings.

Often wedding guests enjoy sitting in our lobby area, enclosed porch, verandah and lounge and meet and greet family and friends as they arrive.   Because our weddings are more than just a wedding reception, often the festivities will begin on Friday evening with a welcome reception.  A welcome reception is a great opportunity to welcome guests in a fun, informal environment.  As guests arrive they can join the reception.  A complete listing of our reception rehearsal and informal menu items are enclosed in the menu portion of this package.  Of course, if you prefer, a more formal sit down rehearsal dinner can be done in place of the welcome receptions.

  • 60 days prior to wedding day, your guests’ room reservations should have been made. Room block will be released.
  • 60 days prior to wedding day, 90% of pre-payment is due by personal check.
  • 30 days prior to wedding day, the wine selection needs to be made.
  • 30 days prior to wedding day, the menu selection needs to be made.
  • 7 days prior to wedding day, you will have to provide final count of guests attending. The table plan (including the bride and groom if you are moving from table to table). The number provided will be used for billing purposes.  Your count should include the vendors providing services.
  • 7 days prior to the wedding day you will have to provide the list of the bridal party to be announced to include the titles (i.e. bridesmaid, usher etc.)
  • 7 days prior to the wedding you will have to provide a list of guests along with their appropriate table assignments to be used for our staff to seat your guests.