Fall Foliage in New Hampshire

We don’t mean to brag—really—but the White Mountains of New Hampshire are one of the best places on Earth for taking in autumn. And the Wentworth Inn, plopped down in the gorgeous mountain village of Jackson, NH makes for a world-class fall getaway!

Soft sunlight and crisp nights set the tone for some unbelievable displays of autumn foliage—and a whole town’s worth of Pumpkin People. What are you waiting for? Book a cozy room at the Wentworth and experience the season in style!

Legendary Leaf-Peeping

New England lays claim to just about the most celebrated show of fall colors anywhere. Between our diverse deciduous forests, our wide range of elevation (which extends the spectacle), and a cocktail of climatic factors, autumn here is downright kaleidoscopic: It’s a “leaf-peeper’s” paradise! Seeing the burning reds, fiery oranges, and luminous yellows unfold from cove to ridgeline, you could almost be forgiven for thinking those maples, aspens, birches, and cherries are all choreographing with one another.

The great thing about New Hampshire’s autumn colors? You can enjoy them during just about any activity, whether you’re hiking a trail in the White Mountain National Forest, driving a scenic byway, or simply kicking back at the Wentworth! Hey, nothing like retiring to our elegant restaurant after a full day’s worth of leaf-peeping. 

Every year’s different in terms of the exact timetable and magnitude of the foliage display, but generally early to mid-October sees the peak level here in the White Mountains. New Hampshire’s official tourism website offers a handy-dandy “Foliage Tracker” for getting a sense of the geography and schedule of canopy colors.

Pumpkin People Meet & Greets

There’s no question that the foliage fiesta is the ultimate star of the autumn season here in the Whites. It also sets the stage for an all-out celebration of this special time of year. For 31 years now, Jackson Village has been doing just that with its beloved “Return of the Pumpkin People” tradition, underway the entire month of October.

All around town, residents and business owners erect imaginative, whimsical, and often downright extravagant displays of pumpkin-headed folk. It’s as Octobery as you can get!

Grab the Return of the Pumpkin People Map at any participating property—or print it off the Jackson Chamber of Commerce webpage starting September 10—to route your self-guided tour of participating properties. There are also “People’s Choice” ballots available so you can vote for your favorite Pumpkin People! 

Come visit us at the Wentworth Inn this fall for leaf-peeping of the finest caliber—and to touch base with a Pumpkin Person or two!