Introducing Our New Dinner Concept at The Wentworth

The Wentworth’s newest dining concept focuses solely on locally grown produce, fruits and vegetables from New Hampshire (many grown in our own Wentworth garden due to the hard work and dedication of Irina), the freshest fish from the coast of Maine, meat and poultry from local farms in the New England area and New England cheeses.  This practice guarantees the freshest meats, vegetables and seafood for our guests.  Brian Gazda and his team have been working on this menu for some time, visiting local farms and setting up deliveries.

Examples of partnerships he has entered into are Misty Knoll Farm, Hog Haven Farm, The Sandwich Creamery, Vermont Butter & Cheese Co., Wilson Smith Egg Farm, Lucki 7 Ranch, Yankee Farmers Market and “Bill” The Mushroom Man.

Please click here to view a complete listing of our updated dinner menu.

Our dining room is open from 6-9 Sunday through Thursday and 6-10 Friday and Saturday.  For more information or to make a reservation, please call 800-637-0013.