Spring Renovations at The Wentworth Inn

Here at the Wentworth Inn we are proud to announce all of the ‘spring cleaning’ (renovations) we’ve made to help you enjoy your stay with us. We listened to what past customers have said, looked around carefully at our beautiful property, and then made a list of the things we wanted to change or update to give you an even better experience at our location. So here’s what we did:

On the Outside

The entire main inn got a fresh coat of paint. It was time, and now it looks amazing. We also repaved all of the parking lots, to make sure they were smooth and sleek. Everything looks clean and crisp now, for guests to really enjoy when they pull up to stay with us. You’ll love the improved look of the property as you come into the driveway and parking lot.

Last year we re-did the heated pool and the bathrooms, along with new patio furniture and decking, but our spring renovations took things one step further. We put in a heavy-duty heater, so you can enjoy the pool, day and night, rain or shine, or even if you are brave enough to take a dip on one of our cool summer evenings!

On the Inside

We really outdid ourselves on the inside, and we can’t wait for you to experience how it all looks. All 21 of our standard and superior rooms got a complete makeover. That included new carpet and paint, along with new furnishings in the same style as the Thornycroft Suites. The furniture was designed and made especially for the Wentworth, and it’s beautiful. There are queen or double beds, and we have brand new night stands, cabinets, mini fridges, lamps, and artwork to give everything a fresh, clean feel. The modern elegance and charm is highlighted by our interior design.

Bringing the rooms up to modern standards while keeping the historic feel that guests of the Wentworth love so much was a challenge, but we think the end result is something you’ll really love. Mini bars, extra outlets, great Wi-Fi, bottled water, coffee makers, and bathrobes are all standard now, so you can enjoy historic beauty and modern convenience without ever needing to choose between the two. It’s a great balance that makes the Wentworth Inn the perfect weekend getaway. Come see what we’ve done with all the rooms in the Wentworth Inn. We know you’ll love it, and bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised at all the wonderful changes we’ve made to make your stay even better than ever before. Now the trouble will be, getting our guests to check-out!