Spring Skiing in NH: Tuckerman’s Ravine

Spring skiing is the ideal way to get away from it all, and engage in a bit of rest and relaxation. A wild, and unspoiled, swath of mountainous territory, Tuckerman’s Ravine is the perfect combination of raw beauty, exhilarating views and pristine snow. Nestled on the shoulder of Mount Washington, this area is also home to our wonderful Inn.

Ungroomed, these rugged areas offer a challenge to even the most seasoned mountain skier. Needless to say, there are also no ski lifts to get you to your favorite area to ski. You will need to hike to get to your chosen spot, so make sure you plan accordingly when packing your essential items. Experts recommend that you drink between two and four quarts of water each day in order to maintain your health. Be sure to include high protein snacks that are packed with nutrition.

In many cases, the 2.4 mile hike along Tuckerman’s Ravine Trail can take upward of three hours, often making you long for the comfort and tranquility of our Inn. The trail involves mountaineering skills and the use of tools, such as an ice ax and crampons. The proper clothing and food supplies are also crucial to ensuring that your time skiing Tuckerman’s Ravine is as productive and comfortable as you desire. Dressing in layers is recommended as is wearing hiking boots while carrying your ski equipment.

Due to where Tuckerman’s Ravine is located, sudden weather changes are possible. This also lends itself to the beautiful views you experience while staying here at The Wentworth Inn. Crevasses and avalanches are a fact of daily life when it comes to skiing these backcountry areas. Other hazards include falling ice and undermined snow where running water underneath the snow layer weakens it considerably, often causing it to give way unexpectedly.

Tuckerman’s Ravine offers challenges that enable you to grapple with nature at her finest. Soaring views, adrenaline rushing ski runs and exhilarating mountain climbs are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to enjoying spring skiing at the best that White Mountain has to offer. Due to the fact that the ravine loses its access to direct sunlight after about 2:30pm, forest rangers suggest descending the headwall of the ravine before that time.

This gives you the perfect excuse to unwind from the challenges and exhilaration of skiing Tuckerman’s Ravine. The Wentworth Inn is a picturesque place in which to enjoy yourself. Partake in our delicious menu of freshly made to order delicacies. Relax with your favorite cocktail by a roaring fire or marvel at the stunning views from the window seat in your cottage. You can also treat yourself to a relaxing spa treatment for a well-rounded spring getaway.

You will find that there are also plenty of hiking trails and other snow-based activities to enjoy as well. From sleigh rides to ice skating, you can celebrate spring with action packed excitement using The Wentworth Inn as your comfortable home base.