Summertime Dining in the White Mountains

Eating well’s a year-round affair at the Wentworth, given the talent of Chef Brian Gazda and his entire kitchen staff. And it’s not just eating well: It’s eating locally, too, although given the depth and richness of flavor that a super-fresh ingredient imparts the two really go hand in hand.

In the heart of winter, you’re still enjoying local meat, poultry, and seafood at the Wentworth. And now that summer’s descending in gorgeous fashion upon the White Mountains, we’re really hitting prime time when it comes to farm-raised produce.

Spotlighting Local Goodness

Chef Brian regularly hits the North Conway Farmers Market on Sunday, stocking up on the freshest seasonal vegetables, fruit, dairy, and other delights straight from local growers and food artisans. And this is in addition to the long-standing relationships we have with area farmers, fishers, and other producers, not to mention the hardworking efforts of Sheila our gardener, tending the Wentworth’s very own plots.

We get frequent visits, too, from “Bill the Mushroom Man,” our mycological master who provides our kitchen with the rich, varied, and delicious bounty tucked in the undergrowth of our region’s forests. We’ve been working with Bill for more than two decades, and count him as another of the invaluable local suppliers we’re incredibly proud to support.

Chef Brian works closely with these trusted suppliers to orchestrate the Wentworth’s menu all across the year, and the thoughtfulness of this approach and the caliber of our partnerships come plainly reflected in the spectacular dishes we offer.

We’re proud to be a part of the New Hampshire Made coalition, and proud, too, to be a “Certified Local” establishment recognized by the New Hampshire Farm to Restaurant Connection.

Dining at the Wentworth

Breakfast and dinner menus at the Wentworth Inn shift with the season, spotlighting the produce, seafood, mushrooms, and other foodstuffs when they’re at their peak. These days, that can mean such delicacies as New Hampshire strawberries and radishes, bok choy and morels.

As always, Chef Brian’s farm-to-table cuisine includes options for gluten-free and vegetarian eaters.

Eat Locally & Eat Well at the Wentworth Inn This Summer

Whether you’re enjoying a drawn-out romantic meal with a special someone or simply grabbing some appetizers and drinks in our laidback lounge, summertime dining at the Wentworth Inn is a lovely way to embrace the season. Kick off some White Mountains hiking, horseback riding, golfing, bicycling, or shopping with the perfect breakfast, or celebrate the day’s delights over cocktail hour or dinner.

Thanks to Chef Brian and his superb staff, any meal here distils the quintessential Wentworth hospitality—and that quintessential Wentworth elegance—down to ecstatically edible form.