Summertime Means “Farm to Table” Freshness at the Wentworth Inn

Whenever possible, Chef Neal Myers and the kitchen team at Wentworth Inn try to source their menu ingredients from local farms as a part of our “farm to table” food strategy. Since it is now summer, the goodness of fresh veggies and fruits is reflected in the offerings on our dining room menu. There is no seasoning that can substitute for freshness, and Chef Myers’ ace in the hole is Farmer Glen who delivers veggies to the Wentworth Inn several times a week. Farmer Glen stays super busy in the warm summer sun, weeding, watering, and picking vegetables for diners who will appreciate his careful work.

Farmer Glen knows that the key to the tastiest, most nutritious fruits and veggies is good soil and hard work. However, his work is not limited to the warmer months. Even in the winter when the snows blanket his fertile fields, Farmer Glen is planning for the growing season. Farmer Glen and Chef Myers sit down together early each year to consider what will be needed. Chef Myers considers what was popular at Wentworth Inn last year, and he also works up some interesting new recipes to try in the coming season. After the two men figure out which vegetables will be needed and when, Farmer Glen starts planning the vegetable fields, ordering seeds, and when the ground finally thaws, he will plow up the ground and begin to plant. Farmer Glen staggers his plantings, so he will have plenty of vegetables available for as much of the growing season as possible.

Currently, Farmer Glen’s fields are yielding an abundance of fresh, nutritious vegetables. Sweet peas, snow peas, and pea tendrils along with radish sprouts are currently coming in with Napa cabbage, strawberries, and radishes. For greens, arugula, and Asian greens are adding their crisp leaves and bright colors to salads, and kale is also lending its tangy flavors to the Wentworth Inn menu.

If you are looking for a simple recipe that utilizes the fresh veggies available at the Farmer’s Market right now, Chef Myers would love to share this Wentworth Inn recipe for Strawberry and Arugula Salad with Smoked Trout.

Strawberry and Arugula Salad with Smoked Trout

In a medium-sized bowl with a wire whisk, blend the following together:

2 tablespoons strawberry balsamic vinegar, 1 finely diced shallot, 1 finely chopped basil leaf, salt and pepper to taste, and 1 cup of blended oil (80/20 blend, using your choice of oils; olive oil and sesame oil are a great combination)

For the salad, mix together a generous handful of arugula and 4-6 sliced strawberries. Toss lightly with the prepared dressing, and top with a handful of smoked trout. Garnish with radish sprouts.

For more delicious foods like this recipe, come join us for dinner at the Wentworth Inn.