Take in World-Class Fall NH Foliage at the Wentworth Inn!

We’re fast approaching perhaps New England’s most breathtakingly beautiful seasons: autumn! No place in the world puts on quite the fall-foliage display as our neck of the woods (so to speak), and some of the very finest colors blaze all around the Wentworth Inn amid the forests of the White Mountains.

The White Mountains Autumn Color Show

“Leaf-peeping” is a favorite pastime of both locals and visitors in New Hampshire. As our local hardwoods ebb their yearly photosynthesis, their summer-green canopies start changing, catching fire in a splendid array of yellow, red, orange, burgundy, and brown hues. Sugar maples, quaking aspens, mountain-ash, sumacs, black cherries, yellow birches, red oaks—these showstoppers paint our mountains in kaleidoscopic flourishes, and the Wentworth gives you a front-row perch for enjoying the spectacle, from Black Mountain to Carter Dome!

Fall color around here usually starts kicking into gear in mid-September, with the display generally peaking in early October. Different trees are on different timetables, ensuring a nice, overlapping spread of shifting shades. The white pines, eastern hemlocks, and other evergreen conifers contribute their own dependable green to the palette.

While you can appreciate fall colors in many parts of the temperate and boreal world, it’s hard to beat New England’s flaming forests. We’ve got some of the very best conditions anywhere for outstanding and intense autumn foliage because of a unique blend of characteristics, from the ocean-moderated temperate climate to the amazingly rich diversity of deciduous tree species composing our woods.

Make Your Reservations Now for World-class Leaf-Peeping

Whether you’re taking a drive along a nearby scenic byway or hiking or horseback riding your way along a White Mountain National Forest trail, the Wentworth Inn serves as an unbeatable hub for leaf-peeping.

It’s a good idea to make your Wentworth reservations now, in midsummer, for an autumn-foliage safari: Space is already filling up, and you don’t want to miss out. Besides the glorious seasonal scenery, you’ll also have the opportunity to take in harvest fairs, Halloween displays, and other autumnal traditions in and around our White Mountain hamlet of Jackson.

So, give us a ring today and book yourself a gorgeous room at the historic Wentworth Inn for the autumn leaf-peeping extravaganza. We can’t wait to show you the multicolored splendor of the White Mountains—not to mention a full dose of high-end New England hospitality!