The Wentworth – Best Luxury Hotel For New Hampshire Fall Foliage

We don’t think it’s hyperbole—or tooting our own horn too much—to suggest that The Wentworth Inn ranks among the best leaf-peeping accommodations not only in the country, but in the world.

We stake that bold claim partly, of course, on the caliber of our historic luxury lodgings, our gourmet on-site dining and other amenities, and our warm, conscientious service.

The other leg on which we stand making that assertion? Along with adjacent parts of Canada, New England lays claim to the most celebrated fall foliage in the world, and the White Mountains of New Hampshire harbor some of the region’s very best.

Leaf Peeping in the White Mountains

With our variety of broadleaf trees and shrubs—from maples, birches, and aspens to cherries, sumacs, and mountain-ashes—and the impressive elevational spectrum the highest mountains in the Northeast create (which extends the fall-color show), The Wentworth Inn’s backyard serves up some absolutely stunning seasonal beauty come fall. (Actually, the seasonal beauty’s a year-round specialty here, but it’s probably safe to say that autumn scenery’s the most photographed of all.)

You’ve got no shortage of perfect drives for taking in the crimsons, coppers, goldens, chartreuses, and burgundies the White Mountains wear in autumn with a leaf-peeping headquarters at The Wentworth Inn. Head south to North Conway, for example, or take Route 16 north to Gorham in the shadow of Mount Washington. An absolutely classic leaf-peeping drive—indeed, probably one of the most acclaimed anywhere—is the Kancamagus Highway (the “Kank”), which covers Route 112 through the White Mountain National Forest between Conway and Lincoln.

Keeping Track of the Fall Foliage Show in the White Mountains

In a typical year, fall colors in our part of New Hampshire get going around mid-September and reach a kaleidoscopic crescendo in early October, winding down after that. That’s a general timetable, but of course just when fall colors peak in a given year, and how intensely they do so, can vary quite a bit.

Your best bet is to keep tabs on up-to-date foliage conditions via resources such as the official New Hampshire tourism website’s Foliage Tracker and these more geographically specific reports for the White Mountains.

Enjoy Luxury Hospitality in the Heart of Some of New England’s Finest Fall Colors at The Wentworth

We’re still a ways out from the onset of fall colors here in the White Mountains, but it’s not at all too early to start planning your leaf-peeping getaway at The Wentworth here in Jackson, New Hampshire. After all, fall foliage is a major tourism draw around here and you want to make sure you’ve got the perfect room or suite from which to experience it firsthand!