The Wentworth Enjoys the Cranmore Mountain Meisters

Photo from Mt. Cranmore Blog

The Wentworth staff is one of the hardest working group of individuals in the business.  We pride ourselves in the quality of service we put forth.  The hotels success is a reflextion on our success.


“all work an no play makes ‘our staff’ a dull ‘group'”

Every Wednesday, 15 of our employees ski in the Cranmore Mountain Meisters under the catchy team name “Fritzer’s Blitzers”.  It’s the day of the week they all look forward to.

Now don’t get me wrong, they are not professionals by any means.  I think our team points as of now is 727.  That doesn’t put us in last, I don’t think, but pretty dang close.  We do have a handful of members that are exceptional skiiers, and then of course some not so great that simply do it for the pure joy.  I personally do not ski (can you imagine a local of the valley not skiing???) but listening to some of their stories when they come back are pretty hysterical.  Some fall, okay maybe more than some, but it doesn’t seem to matter to them.  It’s all about the Meisters, and my favorite, the after season party!  Here’s to a great season….even if there wasn’t a ton of snow!