The Wentworth Inn Features Local Foods

When our Chef de Cuisine Neil Myers began creating fabulous dishes at the inn after moving from New York City, he started working with local farms and food producers to supply the restaurant with local meat, produce and other items, which helped us reach our goal of providing locally produced foods in our restaurant.

It’s pretty obvious that buying local food provides fresher, more nutritious and safer foods, but the food also looks better, preserves genetic diversity and heirloom varieties of plants and livestock and helps preserve the environment too. Small local farms tend to use better planting and pasture management so they can preserve clean water and soil fertility, provide wildlife habitat and carbon sequestration when organic matter is turned back into the soil. That’s a lot to take in! But just remember it all comes down to a better experience, literally from farm to table.

Then there’s the economics. Money spent in local businesses has a multiplier effect, keeping 3.5 times more money in the local economy. We know how important it is to keep money circulating in our community! That’s one of many reasons we’re happy to buy from local farms to supply our restaurant, earning a Certified Local designation from the New Hampshire Farm to Restaurant Connection.

We just love being able to work with farmers and other people in our community to provide excellent cuisine! We sat down with Neil recently, and he mentioned, “We are now buying 90% of our produce and salad greens from the Lucy Brook Farm, with Glenn Mitchell. He is raising the stuff organically, and it is what I asked him to grow for us. The Tomatoes we use are from Moriah Valley Farm. The strawberries come from Schatner Farm. The mint comes from Windy Hill Farm, with Ann, who brings it down herself. The lamb is coming from Meadowview farm in Gilmanton, NH.”

When you buy local, the entire community thrives! And we’re happy to invite you to our restaurant to enjoy locally produced, exceptionally prepared cuisine.