The Wentworth Inn Soon to Unveil a Brand-New Elevator!

We’ve got an exciting upgrade to announce here at the Wentworth Inn: We’re getting an elevator!

And not just any elevator, either. Our brand-new lift—a first for the Wentworth—is going into the hotel’s gorgeous turret, which means our guests will get to enjoy some really fabulous views of our grounds.

Once the elevator opens for business, you’ll be able to survey the greens of the Wentworth Golf Club in the summer and part of the local cross-country ski network in the winter—taking in the prospect through the window at stops on each floor.

The Installation

The Wentworth Inn elevator itself will be quite the beauty, fashioned from cherry wood and polished brass. The construction process will involve removing the current turret, installing the elevator, and then rebuilding the turret around it in the exact same style—only a bit larger to accommodate its new interior feature.

Nodding to History & Looking Forward

Thrilled as we are about the new addition, it’s maintaining the Wentworth Inn’s architectural integrity that remains our top priority—hence our faithful replacement of the turret. After all, the Wentworth’s a landmark of genuine turn-of-the-century New England elegance, and we strive to make every renovation and addition we undertake fully complementary to the existing style.

In other words, our constant goal is to maintain the Wentworth Inn’s rich historic aesthetic while ensuring that we’re offering our guests the finest in modern convenience and comfort. A snazzy elevator seamlessly integrated into one of our longstanding aesthetic features: This current project of ours nicely embodies that goal.

The Timetable

So—when will all this work be going on? All of the construction will be completed by the middle of June, the elevator will be installed at the end of October, and it’ll be ready to ride by mid-December! (So mark those calendars!)

Meanwhile, during the construction period you can take advantage of our extended off-season discounted spring rates. And there’s a good chance that if you book midweek (which is the only time active construction will be going on) on non-holidays, you might be upgraded to the next level of accommodations—on us!

The Perfect Excuse for a Wentworth Inn Idyll

We can’t wait for our guests to be able to use the Wentworth’s new elevator, efficiently accessing their rooms and the lobby while also enjoying the vista. We think it’s going to be a mighty popular addition, needless to say.

In the meantime, though, we hope you’ll come stay with us here in Jackson Village: Spring’s just about upon us, and the lushness of summer will be here before you know it. Reserve your Wentworth getaway today—and look forward to maybe being among the first guests to take advantage of our forthcoming turret elevator!