What More Can I Say?

I have to say, children have the most vivid imaginations out there.

Our favorite guest, Maggie, has created a wonderful short story about the hotel that I just have to share with you.  Everyone here at the hotel just loves it when she comes in for a visit.  She knows all the ins and outs of this hotel and I think secretly some of us are in fear for our jobs when she gets to be working age….including Fritz!

Below is Maggie’s story just as she wrote it, no editing at all done by me:

The Little Girl Who Stayed at the Wentworth Hotel

By, Maggie Murphy

Once there was a little girl named Waggie. Her parents were the best in the world and she had a perfect life!


Waggie had no parents and a terrible life. She lived on the streets collecting food and money. She had saved up $17. “I am the unluckiest girl ever”. She thought every day. “How can I buy a house with $17?” Waggie happened to live in Jackson, NH which has about 6 hotels and inns all together  but you probably couldn’t even find a decent meal for $17! Waggie walked gloomily along the streets when suddenly she looked up to see she was standing in front of a castle! She glanced over at the sign which read, “The Wentworth Hotel.” Waggie whispered the name to herself. “What a place.” She said aloud. She took out her $17 and looked at it. “Phhht. I could never get in here with this amount of money. I would need a miracle” Waggie kept Walking. “Ahh!” A man yelled as she bumped into him. “Watch it!” He yelled. “You almost crinkled my priceless Oscar de la Renta jacket!” Waggie could tell that the man was very wealthy. “Sheesh.” He grumbled as he walked away. “Kids these days, no manners.” Waggie cringed and walked away. But out of the corner of her eye she noticed something! Something green! She slowly turned her head savoring the moment and crossing her fingers. Something green, and paper! She clenched her teeth together and smiled. Then, kneeled down and picked up a $1000 bill! Waggie sprang up in the air and rushed into the Wentworth Hotel!

The next thing she knew she was laying on a warm bed watching Hannah Montana in her room! Room 207.

“ I would like some chicken fingers and French fries please.” Waggie asked the waitress in the back dining room of the hotel. “Will that be with or without ketchup Madam?” “With please.” Waggie asked. “Thanks, um, Jean!” She said. Then in the door came a couple. They walked over to the table where she was sitting. “Hello,” said the man. “What is your name?” “Um, uh, W-Waggie.” She stammered. “Waggie huh?” He gave a weird look to the woman who just shrugged her shoulders. “Nice.” He said. “And where are your parents?” He asked. “Oh great,” She thought. “I knew someone would ask me this at some point! I guess I should just tell them the truth. “Well, I don’t really have any parents.” She blurted out. “What!” Said the man. So Waggie explained the whole story over a dinner of chicken fingers and French fries. Her childhood, her parents leaving, living on the streets, and finding the money. She ended up finding out that their names were Ellie and Fritz. The owners of the fine hotel. And they loved the idea of her staying there. Waggie ended up learning everyone in the staff’s names. In the kitchen there was, Brian, Leon, Jo Jo, Jean, Mark (The Professor), Chuck, Ike, Tyler, Laurie, Dierdre, Sara, Bill the cop, Rene, Justin and Sheila. In the bar there was Tony the bartender and Judy on the piano. In maintenance there was, Marcel (Donald Duck), Robert, Eli, Dan and Paula. In housekeeping there was, Bobbie, Dotti, Theresa and Nancy. And at the Front Desk there was, Irina, Jill, Danka, Liliia, Kathleen, Pat, Ellie, Annie the dog and her ball. And finally, in the tower of power, Fritz! The one who makes the world go ‘round. (Or at least the hotel.)

Waggie walked up to the bar. “One Shirley Temple please!” She asked Tony. “Can do.” He replied. Waggie walked over to Judy. “Want to sing a song?” She asked. “I would love to!” So they sang songs all night. “ Thank you Judy!’ Waggie said grinning. “Anytime.” Judy said. Then Waggie remembered something. “Dessert!’ She exclaimed and rushed into the kitchen. She ran through the door. “Whoa, slow down!” said Laurie “Yeah, lets put on some walking shoes.” Said Jo Jo. “Oops. Sorry.” Waggie walked over the Brian the chef. “Hey Brian, do you think I could have a little scoop of chocolate ice cream with strawberries please!?” “Well,” sighed Brian ‘you’ll have to ask “the professor” over there.” Brian pointed to a man in glasses carefully dripping chocolate on a pink sherbet of sorts. Waggie walked over and asked “the professor” for a chocolate ice cream with strawberries. The she ran back to take her seat. “yum.” She said as she took her first bite. “Perfect.” And that’s what it was. Her home, her family, her room, her food. Perfect.

The next morning Waggie ate her breakfast and ran up to the front desk. “Liliia, Liliia!” She yelled. “Could you tell Ellie and Fritz that I’m going to ride the new bike they got me with a helmet just around the condos?” “of course.” Said Liliia as nice as always. Waggie hopped on her bike and rode off around the hotel. “Hey Marcel!” She yelled. “Hi Waggie!” He said in his Donald Duck voice. Waggie laughed. When she finished riding she ran up to her room. Bobbie was just walking out of it. “Hey,” She said. “I think I found a little surprise in there for you!” “Really! From who?” Waggie wanted to know. “Well, you have to read the note to find out!” “Thanks Bobbie!” Waggie yelled after her. The she ran in. On her bed was a stuffed bear! Waggie picked up the note and read it aloud. It said, “Dear Waggie, this bear has been sitting in the maid’s room for about 5 months! Now its yours! What will you name it? Love Ellie and Fritz” “Hmm. What will I name it?” Waggie thought. Then she took one look at the baggy ears, droopy whiskers, and hanging tail and said, “Floppy. I’ll call you Floppy! And so it was, Floppy and Waggie lived happily ever after like most people hopefully do. And as Waggie lay on her bed she remembered the life she used to have. Living on $17 and then she thought to herself,

This is the life.

The End

What more can I say???