Wedding Season at The Wentworth

Ah, summertime in the White Mountains: ‘tis the season for wedding planning!

Actually, truth be told, when it comes to the spectacular New England haven of the Wentworth Inn in Jackson Village, wedding planning is a year-round affair.

Case in point? We already have lovebirds booking their matrimonial ceremonies here for 2019.

That should be impetus enough to get in touch with us to reserve your wedding bliss-escape in the White Mountains—or, heck, if you haven’t popped the question, why not take the plunge so you can enjoy the very best venue and accommodations in the Northeast for your big day?

Find Out What the Wentworth Has to Offer

If you’re seeking inspiration—seeking the kind of scenes you can expect with a Wentworth-style wedding—look no further than this wonderful video of two recent Wentworth Inn newlyweds, Jeffrey and Terese. More firsthand accounts? Take a gander at these testimonials from couples who’ve tied the knot on our spectacular grounds. We’re so honored to be a part of these incredibly special days, and we do absolutely everything we can to make sure they’re as memorable as possible for the many wedding parties who choose our hotel as their home base!

The Wentworth Inn Wedding Experience

Our property has so much to offer in the wedding department, from a spectacular spread of both outdoor and indoor venues to the fine settings for rehearsal dinners and wedding receptions. And speaking of venues, our offerings are that much more enticing given the upgrade our Wentworth Inn tent has received lately: We’ve installed a brand-new carpet, tent liner, and some spectacular crystal chandeliers to the already-lovely setup.

Lock Down Your Wedding Dates at the Wentworth Inn Today!

If you haven’t guessed it already, the Wentworth is a popular place for nuptials, and for good reason! Given we’re already getting requests for 2019, we urge you to fill out a request for proposal today so we can get the matrimonial mechanics going—we’ve still got space for 2018, mind you, so time is of the essence! We can’t wait to host your life-changing ceremony right here in the heart of the White Mountains…